Firefighters Called To More Than 160 Deliberate Rubbish Fires

Firefighters have been called to more than 160 deliberate rubbish and bin fires in Leek over the past decade – new figures show.

Home Office statistics show firefighters were called to a total 1,501 incidents in Leek between April 2010 and April 2019 – although many of these turned out to be false alarms.

By far the most common actual fires were deliberate fires involving ‘refuse, refuse containers and refuse sites’ – with a total of 168 such fires being dealt with by firefighters in the Queen of the Moorlands over that period.

There were 131 fires involving homes over that period – and another 62 vehicle fires.

Firefighters have also been called to 22 reports of people needing to be released from lifts in the town over that period – as well as 45 road traffic collisions.

There have also been ten retail fires, four fires at care homes and two at churches that required a response from the fire service.