Cock Inn

Another Town Centre Pub Applies For The New Pavement Licence

A popular town centre pub has become the seventh business in a Staffordshire Moorlands town to apply for a pavement licence.

The Cock Inn, on Derby Street, Leek, have applied for the new licence to have picnic tables outside the pub.

Another five businesses, including The Roebuck opposite the Cock Inn, have previously applied for the new licences.

Some of the cafes and pubs that have applied for the licences already have tables and chairs outside.

A report to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council’s Service Delivery Overview & Scrutiny Panel last month said: “Business which currently use (or proposes to use) premises for the sale of food or drink for consumption (on or off the premises) can apply for a licence.

“Businesses that are eligible include: public houses, cafes, bars, restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops, and ice cream parlours.