Urban Explorers Caught Breaching The Rule Of Six

A group of eight so-called urban explorers have been hit with fines after they were found breaking the rule of six law.

Staffordshire police have issued fines to the group, who were found inside a former pub, breaching Covid regulations which ban gatherings of more than six people in the bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

Just before 9pm on Sunday, October 18, police were called to a report of suspicious activity at the Travellers Rest site in Leekbrook, in Leek.

Officers attended and found the group inside. They claimed to be ‘urban exploring’ the derelict building and in doing so risked their own and others safety, said a police spokesman.

Urban explorers often go to great lengths to access abandoned, and often dangerous, buildings.

The group had travelled to Leek from Macclesfield in Cheshire East, which has recently been placed into Covid alert level ‘high.’

Six men and two women were issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for breaching the coronavirus regulation banning gatherings of more than six people.