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Just a little information

This site is the project of two local people, Mick Knight and Nigel Maycock. Most of the people of Leek already know these two, through the countless numbers of posts they make on the social media pages of Facebook. Their main pages via Facebook are “Leek Past & Present” – “Leekensians Gossip & Gallery” and of course “History In Colour” the latter being a page that turns old black & white pictures into colour and from all date times. They were approached by Tony & Josephine Smith who have run the old site of leekonline.co.uk since 1998 but have now decided to throw the reigns in, due to being too time consuming. Although the actual URL link via web browsers will be slightly different, leek-online.co.uk the format of the site remains the same.



The Facebook & Twitter feeds however, remain the same and links will be provided throughout the site to these very locations. We hope that Tony and Josephine have a happy retirement from the internet scene and can then spend more time together without the added stress of keeping a site live and up to date. We are sure they will stay in touch via the other social media applications. As a team, we hope so far you like what we have produced, the site should now be in the 21st century with regards to being totally mobile and tablet friendly and we have a lot more in store as times goes on.

On a closing note, we would like to thank everybody who have supported us on Facebook and hope you can find the time to support us on our new website.

The Team

We are at present small in numbers (just 2 of us) but that doesnt mean we stop there, we need more people on board, whether it be providing content for the site in the way of images or sending in local news or special events you would like recording on our site, everything is welcomed and everything will be considered for our website.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear, to give you all something to see and read at your leisure, all locally and surrounding area based. We will obviously try and maintain the website on a daily basis with up to date news and information but things maybe a little slow at the beginning until we find our feet, this is all quite new to some of our team members and we need to walk before we can run.

What some of our followers are saying

"Wishing every success to your joint venture. May it go from strength to strength."

Ann Sharratt – Facebook

"Great stuff l love it. Keep it going, great history lessons for all"

Patricia Salt – Facebook

"Good luck Mick and Nigel"

Jane Plant – Facebook

"That will be brilliant for us all. Thank you guy’s"

Jennifer Nixon – Facebook

"Something to look forward to. Good luck"

Neil Johnson – Facebook

"Lovely news ❤"

Josephine Tylman – Facebook

"That's great news!"

Val Riley – Facebook

"Great job thanks ~ looking forward to it"

Tony Ward – Facebook


Paul Hunter – Facebook

"Brilliant news"

Smush Ball – Facebook

"Good Luck both 🍀"

Angela Walters – Facebook

WHo We Are

Our Team

Mick Knight

Mick Knight

Administrator & Web Designer

Nigel Maycock

Nigel Maycock

Administrator & Reporter

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